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"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous" - Aristotle

Vǫxtr art is a form of digital art, created through the use of digital tools. The signature art style was created by Prateek Mathur in early 2013 (in London, England) in the hopes of spreading awareness for climate change, and motivate others to help protect our beautiful planet.

Vǫxtr art is an emerging style that fuses digital art with organic, natural shapes. The word Vǫxtr is driven from the old Norse language meaning growth or increase. As such, the artwork is made out entirely of what look like geometric shapes, but are in fact, a combination of plants and flowers.


Vǫxtr origins:
Icelandic: vöxtur, Faroese: vøkstur, 

Swedish: växt, Danish: vækst

Voxtr Gallery


Design Overview

The copyrighted style of any Voxtr artwork works within the golden ratio of 40:6:10.

The Voxtr art design time & development process depend on the spacing and width of the body of the artwork. Lower values mean more detailed work as more shapes are needed to complete the design. Usually, the artwork can take from 6 hours to several weeks depending on the level of detail. Following are a few highlights of Voxtr art:

Voxtr Guide Prateek_V08.png
Voxtr Guide Prateek_V05.png

Heavy Detail - Golden Ratio

Basic Detail - Extended Ratio

Elements - Leaves

Voxtr Guide Prateek_V06.png
Voxtr Guide Prateek_V09.png

Elements - Flowers

Structure - Shapes

Theme - Colours

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Meet the artist


Prateek Mathur is an animator and visual effects supervisor, working primarily in digital mixed media and the entertainment industry, from music videos and documentaries to short films and blockbusters. He stands out by his unique style. He owes his passion for creation to fantasy characters, mythologies, and novels which he was exposed to in his youth.

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